Maggie Cheung (Cheung Man-Yuk) began her film career as a heroine in such cult action movies as Jackie Chan's Police Story (1985) and won critical acclaim for her performance in Wong Kar-Wai's debut film As Tears Go By in 1988. She has since been one of Wong's favourite actresses, appearing in Days of Being Wild and Ashes of Time. She has starred in films for most of Hong Kong's leading directors: in Song of the Exile for Ann Hui, in Green Snake for Tsui Hark, in Comrades, Almost a Love Story for Peter Chan and in Full Moon in New York and Actress (Centre Stage) for Stanley Kwan. She has won more awards for her work than any other Hong Kong actress, including four Best Actress awards in the Hong Kong Film Awards and four Golden Horse Awards in Taiwan. Her performance as the legendary 1930s movie star Ruan Lingyu in Stanley Kwan's Actress (Centre Stage) won her the Best Actress prize at the 1992 Berlin Film Festival; she was the first Chinese actress to win the award. She has been seen recently in Andrew Lau's Sausalito and in two critically acclaimed French films: Irma Vep (1996) by Olivier Assayas and Augustin, King of Kung Fu (1999) by Anne Fontaine.

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