"There are no murders, but many little deaths of the spirit, in Wong Kar Wai's In the Mood for Love,  a gorgeous showcase for the pensive glamour of Hong Kong's Maggie Cheung. . . . Set mostly in 1962, the film depicts an old-fashioned, middle-class romance all that delicious guilt without any messy ecstasy spiced with the tension of furtiveness. . . . The film could be called For the Love of Mood,  so attentive is it to the details of setting and costume, of feelings unspoken and, perhaps, love unfulfilled."
    - Jeffrey Ressner, Time  (June 5, 2000)

"In the Mood for Love  is the most sensuous film of the year. Yet, in an age when cinema and television routinely parade acres of naked flesh before us, Wong shows nothing more explicit than two people brushing past each other in a corridor. The results are electrifying."
    - SF Said, The Daily Telegraph  (October 17, 2000)

"In a season where mix'n'match vintage pattern has exploded off the catwalk, In the Mood for Love  is the princess of print. . . . The sets are decorated with purple op-art wall-papers and voluptuous over-the-top florals . . . busy but sophisticated, sort of 'Hong Kong lounge'."
    - Sarah Bailey, Elle  (October 2000)

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