"The film is itself a vivid monument dedicated to an era . . . Maggie Cheung is like a star in old Cantonese films, aspiring to relive those grand and tragic tomes directed by Qin Jian and Li Tie of Hong Kong cinema in the 1950s and 1960s. The film took more than a year to make: Wong Kar Wai “kidnapped” an [earlier] era and married it to French cinema."
    - Charles Tesson, Cahiers du Cinema  (June 2000), France

"She wears spellbinding floral dresses, he smokes so elegantly. How chic Hong Kong appears in 1962, how beautiful the lighting and the rain. . . . Wong Kar Wai's world is always the film world – he wants us to think about the images, to follow the story, to enjoy the movements – [he wants us] to love the film."
    - Merten Worthmann, Die Zeit  (May 25, 2000), Germany

"The richness of the soundtrack, the subtle colours of red, green, and brown, the role of objects (ties, hair, etc.), and the actors are all successful in recreating this silent and thoughtful search for the bygone era. This is a gem."
    - Blickpunkt Film  (Volume 24, 2000), Germany

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