38th New York Film Festival
Alice Tully Hall September 2 to October 9

In The Mood For Love Set in Hong Kong in 1962, Wong Kai-Wai's latest film is a romantic idyll in which all the sex and confessions have been excised, leaving gestures and shards of feeling in their place. Nominally about two married people who discover that their spouses are having an affair with each other, In the Mood for Love is instead more about aquarium-green and gold-vermillion, the moist tenderness at play in Tony Leung's eyes and the way in which Maggie Cheung's eyes and the way in which Maggie Cheung's fingers brush against a doorjamb. As always, love is ephemeral, the mood indigo. More quiet and still than muchof the director's recent work, the film is achingly, shockingly beautiful - somehow, and somehow rightly, it ends at Angkor Wat, the Cambodian temple in whose shadow this idyll about love and time lost comes to a whispery, mysterious close. 97 min. Hong Kong, 2000 A USA Films Release
1D Sun. Oct. 1, 9:30pm
3A Tues. Oct. 3, 6:00pm

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